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Huntsman Cancer Foundation Hospital

Huntsman Cancer Foundation has announced that several individuals and business organisations have committed a total of $40 million to support a proposed major building expansion of Huntsman Cancer Institute.

stack of tvs

A recent study found that the themes in television advertisements for health insurance plans in the US have shifted over time.

pills, capsules and medication tablets

New research has found that adhering to a standardised care process model for opioid prescriptions appears to reduce the overall number of healthcare visits for patients on long-term opioid therapy while maintaining safety.

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The National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions (NLA) in the US has endorsed BridgeHealth as its partner provider of value-based surgery benefits.

pregnant woman with smartphone

International health insurer Bupa Global has announced the launch of a maternity app called ‘Date Due Plus’ that is designed to support working women during their pregnancy.

medical insurance concept

Scott Schoenvogel has joined healthcare and wellness company ACAP Health as President of SimplePay Health, a new model for healthcare insurance plans.

Surgeons Washing Hands Before Operating

There is an ongoing outbreak of infections caused by Candida auris in healthcare facilities in New York, US.

virtual human circuit pattern

QuartzClinical has introduced its next-generation machine learning predictions algorithms that it says can help hospitals deliver better health and care for a lower cost.

Aspirin elderly hand

New research has found that daily aspirin may be harmful for healthy older adults, refuting the widely accepted belief that a daily dose of aspirin can be a way to protect healthy people from cardiovascular disease.