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Medistar Corporation (Medistar) has begun the development of a major medical tower designed for a hospital, doctor offices, ancillary services and other uses of healthcare companies.

Professor Timo Minssen of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, is the recent recipient of a grant that will investigate the most significant legal challenges to biomedical innovation and public health from a holistic cross-disciplinary perspective.

Sterigenics International LLC has announced that it has changed its parent company name to Sotera Health LLC.

Highgate Private Hospital has highlighted how imaging and diagnostics have contributed to better treatment success rates and how its facilities are helping to improve patient outcomes.

Novartis recently announced positive topline results from the trial of a drug for advanced or metastatic breast cancer.

New research on clinician burnout and care team resilience has been published by Vocera Communications.

Independent insurance broking service The Health Insurance Group is questioning whether employers can do more for expat staff and business travellers in order to assist them in feeling better prepared and protected.

This is in the context of recent high-profile terror attacks, extreme weather and natural disasters, which could potentially lead to employees being more concerned about their personal safety.

One Drop, which is seeking to transform the lives of those with diabetes, has announced the regulatory approval of a new mobile blood glucose monitoring system.

A number of companies have begun to position themselves in the marijuana market.