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Security experts warn that more major cyber attacks like the WannaCry ransomware attack of May 2017 are inevitable. How will hospitals be affected and what steps must they take to protect themselves and their patients? Robin Gauldie investigates

Destination profile: Costa Rica

A small Latin American country that has become the byword for ecotourism, rainforests and wildlife – one-quarter of Costa Rica is protected area and national park – is also a destination for medical treatment. By Tatum Anderson

Making guesswork a thing of the past

Co-founder and clinical ambassador Daniel Shaw discusses how GCR strives to ensure clinics deliver the best patient experience possible

Can you provide a brief outline of your role as clinical ambassador of the Global Clinic Rating (GCR)?
I’m privileged to have to role of representing GCR internationally, including its mission and vision, so that an increasing number of patients, clinics and hospitals begin to make their decisions by putting treatment outcome data first.

Leeches, maggots and spider webs have been used by healers since antiquity. In the 21st Century, researchers are discovering that treatments such as maggot debridement therapy can be effective. Robin Gauldie investigates the claims made for some seemingly outlandish remedies

Suzanne Garber

Director of the GAUZE: Unravelling Global Healthcare documentary and founder of Gauze, a company that digitises information on global hospitals, Suzanne Garber, highlights her dream of a healthcare system that provides full transparency, quality outcomes, and a fair price, and reveals how she is seeking to fulfil this

Following research that found that men were more likely to receive life-saving CPR than women, Tatum Anderson delves deeper, asking how much gender bias there is in healthcare

Employers and other stakeholders are increasingly working together to overcome stigma and tackle mental illness in the workplace. Robin Gauldie reports

Tens of thousands of doctors and nurses working in the UK are likely to leave the country as a result of the UK’s decision to part way with the EU, crippling the NHS. Robin Gauldie reports, exploring how this could help hospitals elsewhere in the European Union.

Looking into the issue of traveller’s tummy, Anthony Harrington highlights the need to move away from the knee-jerk prescription of antibiotics

Dr Richard Heinzl, global medical director of WorldCare International Inc, discusses the company’s continued evolution and how it is positively impacting on healthcare outcomes worldwide

How and why was WorldCare established?