A return to health

Consumer-focused healthcare information technology solutions company WiserTogether and advanced health planning solutions provider HCIactive are partnering to deliver the WiserTogether Return to Health solution, which will be an integrated part of HCIactive's Workplace Wellbeing product suite.

HCIactive leverages cloud-based technology to deliver healthcare management tools, and the expectation is that including Return to Health in the HCIactive product suite will enable organisations to offer employees a powerful tool to manage their own healthcare.

The product is a web and mobile solution that assists individuals in finding the most appropriate and effective and least intrusive options. It enables employees to make ‘thoughtful and informed decisions about their healthcare by providing easy to understand information and guidance’. According to WiserTogether, this results in lower clinical costs, higher compliance with best practices and faster recovery times.

“WiserTogether's clinically proven treatment guidance solution provides our clients a critical healthcare management tool to enhance experiences, better manage per-capita costs, and improve outcomes while enabling each participant to be a true partner in the care process,” commented Henry Cha, CEO of HCIactive.