New IPMI products

Health provider Bupa Global has announced an international partnership with Colombian insurance company Seguros Bolívar that will provide Colombians with access to the Bupa Global worldwide health network offering.

Seguros Bolívar has collaborated with both Bupa Global and Blue Cross Blue Shield Global to develop a range of international health plans based on extensive research, with a view to meeting the needs of globally-minded, globally mobile customers.

The hope is that the new international private medical insurance (IPMI) products will provide customers with the ability to access the right care, at the right time, across networks of leading healthcare providers and facilities worldwide.

“In a globalised world, we are proud to offer Colombian customers a portfolio of IPMI products that gives them access to the highest quality healthcare, wherever and whenever they need it,” said Javier Suarez, President of Seguros Bolívar. “We’re delighted to launch these products alongside two of the most well-respected names in the healthcare industry.”