Developing innovative apps

Health technology company Royal Philips and Samsung are teaming up to connect Samsung’s ARTIK Smart IoT Platform to the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, a collaboration that, it is hoped, will enable the Samsung ARTIK ecosystem of connected devices to safely access and share information with Philips’ cloud platform.

As a result, healthcare app developers will be able to realise interoperable connected health solutions using integrated data sets and innovative HealthSuite services such as advanced health analytics.

“This collaboration will enable healthcare application developers to focus on the development of innovative applications rather than on the technical integration of devices,” said Dale Wiggins, General Manager, Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform at Philips. “By strengthening our HealthSuite ecosystem with Samsung ARTIK, we will be taking another important step in breaking down the silos in today’s healthcare domain to create a trusted and seamless care experience for both consumers and care professionals.”