A novel joint fixation system

Tyber Medical, LLC, a privately held company that develops innovative medical devices for private label opportunities and is working to advance the science of bioengineered surfaces, has announced the launch of TyFix, an all-in-one extremity joint fixation system.

Dr Michael Gentile of Cornell Surgery Center in Beaverton, Oregon, US, who performed one of the first procedures using the TyFix system, said: "The instrumentation design is efficient and intuitive. A versatile implant with a myriad of sizes and angle options for a reliable fit and natural toe position.”

“The TyFix system is designed to deliver a construct at the speed of a k-wire and the holding strength of a screw, while also delivering an efficient OR (operating room) process through the patented fully integrated implant and instrument design,” said Jeff Tyber, CEO of Tyber Medical.