New study on multi-drug-resistant cirrhosis

A recent worldwide study has found that one-third of bacterial infections in patients with cirrhosis across the world are multi-drug-resistant (MDR).

The study, which involved 46 health centres across the world, sought to shed light on the epidemiology and outcomes of bacterial infections in hospitalised patients with liver cirrhosis and found that there is a prevalence of MDR bacteria of 34 per cent and significant regional differences in the risk of developing an MDR infection.

“Not surprisingly, we found a significantly lower rate of response to empirical antibiotic treatment in patients with infections caused by MDR bacteria compared with those due to non-MDR bacteria,” the authors said. “We also saw a significantly higher incidence of shock and new organ failures, and a higher rate of in-hospital mortality, among those with MDR bacterial infections.”

They have stressed the urgent need to develop different empirical antibiotic strategies across different parts of the world and said that in the meantime, efforts must be focused on reducing the spread of MDR bacterial among patients with cirrhosis.