ERAS Society names official heart surgery representative

US-based ERAS Cardiac Surgery has been named the official heart surgery representative for ERAS Society, and has been granted the privilege of proposing which hospital(s) should be appointed ERAS Centers of Excellence in Cardiac Surgery.

The mission of ERAS Cardiac Surgery is to optimise preoperative care of cardiac surgical patients through collaborative discovery, analysis, expert consensus and dissemination of best recovery practices that will improve both short- and long-term outcomes and value, and decrease complications and readmissions.

“We are honoured to have been selected to represent this world-class international society as its sole cardiac surgical specialty subgroup,” said ERAS Cardiac Surgery President Dr Daniel Engelman. “The ability to extend our message to the international community will begin immediately, with our subspecialty group sessions at the World Congress of Enhanced Recovery, 23-25 May in Stockholm, Sweden. The involvement of the cardiac surgical community in the ERAS initiative is long overdue.”

“The ERA Society is very pleased to have added this important surgical discipline to the fast -growing network of specialties around the world.” said Professor Olle Ljungqvist. “The ERAS Cardiac Surgery Society is a formidable group of experts that will play a pivotal role to develop and implement ERAS for the benefit of the large number of patients undergoing cardiac surgery worldwide.”