The impact of big data on healthcare

The impact of big data on healthcare

A new paper by insurance company Aetna International examines the impact big data could have on the delivery of quality healthcare and outlines the company’s role in connecting individuals to quality, accessible, personalised care and health solutions.

According to the paper – Personalised and protected: Health and wellness for the globally mobile – accessing, analysing and using healthcare data can be difficult when the information is spread across disparate databases and a solution to this is to create a single digital environment in which an individual’s health and personal data could be securely stored. “This would provide a 360-degree view of the person’s health, enabling personalised healthcare solutions and ultimately driving down utilisation and costs,” the paper states.

However, the paper points out that this leads to questions such as who would pay for such a solution, how the data would be safeguarded and whether care providers and individuals in developing nations would have the technology required to access such a system.

The paper concludes by saying that harnessing the data available to clinicians, data currently stored in disparate databases, voluminous medical journals, wearable devices and the brains of their colleagues could go a long way toward preventing and treating a myriad of diseases.

The paper can be viewed here.