Improving medical decisions

Global data management solutions provider Mach7 Technologies has announced a partnership with SirenMD – a workplace collaboration platform designed to increase the quality, efficiency and timeliness of medical decisions by facilitating co-ordinated communication between caregivers and patient advocates – for innovative product development.

The new partnership will assist the care team with clinical content managed by Sage, Mach7's data services platform. SirenMD will stream data from Sage, enabling access to patient records and communication between clinical resources and the patient to be more easily co-ordinated.

“There is a very synergistic opportunity for the two platforms to interact. We are enthusiastic to work with the Mach7 leadership and engineering teams to achieve the common goal of bettering patient care,” said Dr Lee Kaplan, CEO of SirenMD.

Mike Jackman, CEO of Mach7, commented: “The value of bringing together our data services platform with SirenMD care co-ordination solution is incredibly powerful. For example, when transferring a potential stroke victim, when time is of the essence, we can enable an EMT to communicate with the emergency department. Another great use case is the co-ordination of care teams in sports medicine or for improved communications of critical results in radiology.”