A beacon for clinical research in Brazil

Clinerion and iHealth Group are partnering with Bioserv SMO with the aim of accelerating clinical research in Brazil.

Clinerion is a patient recruitment system that enables early patient access to innovative treatments, while iHealth Group serves the health informatics industry and Bioserv SMO works in the area of general clinical research. Clinerion and iHealth Group will add Bioserv’s trial sites in the Rio Grande do Sul region of Brazil to Clinerion’s PRS platform, which is a hybrid system with all sensitive patient information processed within a hospital group's infrastructure.

The first implementation will be the Hospital São Vicente de Paulo, which will bring another 540,000 patient lives to Clinerion’s cover in Brazil. “We look forward to turning Rio Grande do Sul into a beacon for clinical research in Brazil,” said Keyla Deucher, director of Bioserv SMO. “The state Senator of Rio Grande do Sul, Senadora Ana Amélia Lemos, has been instrumental in the recent discussions and launch of the new Clinical Research law in Brazil. This law is opening doors for the future of clinical research in Brazil, increasing efficiency and security, and providing modern medicine for patients.”