Targeting tumours

Enlyton, Ltd, an Ohio, US-based company that is developing innovative oncology products, has signed an agreement for a series of investments by the venture capital arm of HEC Pharm of Shenzen, China, East Sunshine Foresight Fund.

The financing will support the development of ENL210, a bioengineered monoclonal antibody fragment that targets the broad family of solid tumours known as adenocarcinomas. ENL210 has been developed following years of basic and clinical research and the idea is that it will enable oncologists to more accurately locate and precisely treat adenocarcinomas of the colon, pancreas, lung breast, prostate, and other organs.

“The HEC investment is critically important to moving the ENL210 project forward. While years of research have taught us that accurate targeting and subsequent removal of this class of solid tumours results in better outcomes, we believe ENL210 will make it practical in today's clinical setting,” said Enlyton's co-founder Dr Edward W. Martin. “ENL210 is an important addition to the emerging science and clinical application of immuno-oncology.”